Bahama Shutters

Bahama ShuttersBahama and Bermuda shutters are one in the same. What gives these shade features a truly one-of-a-kind recognizable look is the fact that they are hinged at the top like an awning. With a typical install, a large shutter is placed over a window with a center vertical stile added for stability. There are several varieties available, including hurricane-resistant and non-impact styles.

When Would I Use One?

They are often used to cover an entire window. This helps to block out the sun, and also can allow for ventilation. These shutters can also be closed over the windows itself to provide extra protection during a severe storm.

Additionally, these shade features can also be thought of as a wooden awning, being somewhat smaller in size, and allowing for shade from the light, but providing full visibility through the window itself.

Bahama Shutters Installation

Before installation ever takes place, our team will first need to come to your home or business to measure the space where they are going to be set up. We will take the height and width of each window, and we understand that accuracy is of utmost importance. One wrong measurement could mean the difference between a shutter that fits, and one that doesn’t. Then, we will order the properly-sized shutters for your building.

ShutterNext, we will make marks at the center points along each of the windows. This is where holes will be drilled, as well as at the four corners of the window itself. The holes will only be made big enough for bolts to fit through.

Finally, installation will take place. The shutters will be put in place, tightened down, and we will make sure they are completely secure so that they don’t fall or rip off during a severe storm. These shutters, when installed properly, should be able to withstand 125+MPH winds.


The cost of your new shutters will depend on how many you need, how large they are, what materials they will be made out of, as well as if we need to custom order any parts or accessories. However, during your consultation with our team, we will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of how much time will be involved, as well as what the cost will be.

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